Fun family memories with our Kayak Pool #PowerofThePool

Thinking back to my childhood there are some fun memories that really stand out. Having a Kayak pool in our yard is definitely one of them. Enjoyed by all of our friends and family, our house was the place to be. I don't know how my sister and I didn't grow gills, we swam so much. Our parents never had to worry about where we were, because we were always in our back yard. I have great … [Read more...]

Canvas Memoirs Review, Discount & Giveaway

Once in a while I see a photo and it just moves me. Not always because it's a perfect photo, but because it brings back a great memory of that moment. Canvas Memoirs is a great service to help you save, cherish and celebrate those memories. Last summer I took my daughter's on a fun mother/ daughter road trip. One of the reasons it was so special to us, was that we spent our time exploring an … [Read more...]

This Is The Chair

This is the chair that I sat in on my grandmothers porch. For hours, as a young girl singing songs, watching cars go by and listening to my grandmother tell me stories. Years later, this is the same chair my daughter Bethany sat in on that same porch. Most likely singing the same songs and hearing the same stories from my grandmother, her great grandmother. Now, this is the chair Rebecca … [Read more...]

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