Ready, Set, Binge, During Xfinity Watchathon Week 4/3-4/9

Are you a binge watcher? I am! In-fact I’ll admit to being the queen of “just one more episode”. When I fall into a series I want to keep going, not wait a week to see what happens next. If you can relate than you need to start clearing your calendar for this year’s Xfinity Watchathon Week 4/3 - 4/9. I have referred to this week as a tv watchers world series event. This year Netflix makes the … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I've done over the past seven days. Finished setting up our Christmas decorations. Made dinner and Christmas shopping plans with a good friend. Cut a couple of inches off my hair. The older I get, the shorter it seems to get. Made the switch back to an iPhone (7 plus) after my Galaxy Note crashed. Unfortunately I lost all of my contacts in the process. Ugh. The struggle is … [Read more...]

Jim Henson’s Word Party, Streaming Now On Netflix

Word Party is the new vocabulary building show from The Jim Henson Company that follows four adorable baby animals as they sing, dance and play. The show invites our youngest viewers to help teach the baby animals new words, practice these new words themselves, and celebrate these achievements with a "Word Party!" Word Party is produced using the groundbreaking Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, a … [Read more...]

7 movies on Netflix you haven’t seen, but should watch

Netflix is one of my favorite and easiest forms of entertainment (so many movies and TV shows, at the click of a button!), but it can also be overwhelming BECAUSE it has so many choices. If you're not sure where to start, check out these seven movies, that you probably haven't seen but should see. 1) Philomena. This film is also based on a book, which was based on a real-life story, and I … [Read more...]

My 2015 Fall Television Line Up on #XFINITY X1 #XFINITYreviewer

Fall premiere season is here! As much as I dislike saying goodbye to warm summer days, I love saying hello to the fall television line-up. With the return of some of my favorites, and a list of interesting new series, the 2015/2016 season is already shaping up to be an exciting one. Below is a list of twelve 2015 fall/winter series that are set to record on my DVR: Fargo (FX) The Blacklist … [Read more...]

“VeggieTales In The House” An original series on Netflix! Enter to win 3-months of FREE Netflix #Giveaway

VeggieTales, the most popular faith-based children’s entertainment brand, unveils a brand-new Netflix original series for kids, VeggieTales In the House. The all-new series marks the first time in the 21-year history of VeggieTales that Bob, Larry and the veggie crew venture off the countertop for exciting new adventures, while remaining true to the values-driven storytelling that has long made … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I've done over the past seven days. 1. Enjoyed a nice four day holiday weekend. 2. Moved our daughter back into her room, after taking two years to insulate, paint and redecorated. 3. Sold two items on eBay. 4. Bought a new used car, and love it! 5. Took our Disney obsessed teenager to the IMAX to see Maleficent. 6. Made plans to be up north with my parents on the 4th of … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I've done over the past seven days. 1. Switched our mobile carrier to save over $50 a month. 2. Switched our cable company & cut to the smallest package to save over $80 a month. 3. Made homemade turkey and dumplings. 4. Was up way too late after a bad dream. 5. Cleaned out our deep freezer. 6. Enjoyed a late night of playing cards with my husband, sister & brother … [Read more...]

Celebrate National Seafood Month! Enter to Win A “Family Night on SeaPak” Prize Package

Did you know October is National Seafood Month? At SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co., this is something to celebrate! Shrimp is the No. 1 selling seafood in the country and, this October, SeaPak is marking the occasion in style with Shrimptacular – a 31-day, shrimp-inspired, family-friendly promotion on I recently received a couple of SeaPak products to enjoy with my family. Just … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I've done over the last seven days. 1. Was down with a horrible sinus infection. 2. Watched the movie Adore. Even though I found the story sad, and pretty disturbing, I found the movie quit beautiful and very well made. 3. Sold an item on eBay. 4. Bought an item on my local Facebook group. A Detroit Tigers blanket for my step mom. 5. Took my daughter to pick up her wedding … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday

While the rest of my family are away having fun this weekend, I'm spending a couple of days laid up, icing and elevating a twisted ankle. Thank havens for Netflix, and for great friends that bring food. My list this week is of seven movies I've watched since Friday evening. 1. Cop Land (1997) 2. The Entitled (2011) 3. The Romantics (2010) 4. Shattered (2007) 5. The Lincoln Lawyer … [Read more...]

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