Is it time for a shake up in casino movies?

The forthcoming release of The Gambler, starring Jessica Lange and Mark Wahlberg, has got tongues wagging as to whether or not the remake will do the original justice this November. Directed by Karel Reisz in 1976, the original film starred James Caan as a literary professor who made one too many bad choices when it came to indulging his gambling vice. The film was a hit in the 70s – but … [Read more...]

Having fun on a budget

Life is expensive nowadays. Sometimes it feels like you're not even allowed to use the rest room without having to pay. So when it comes to going out and enjoying your life, we all feel like we cannot do so without spending a lot of money. Of course there are ways for you to have fun on a budget though. Just start thinking outside of the box. Read a book - Find that book you meant to read over … [Read more...]