Backyard BBQ Hacks & GEDC’s ‘Show Us Your Summer Smile!’ Social Media Contest

The first day of summer is right around the corner, which means the majority of us will regularly indulge in delicious BBQ food with our close friends and family. However, as you’re probably aware, BBQ food isn’t always the easiest on your teeth, or your smile. Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC) is sharing Backyard BBQ tips to be sure your summer smile is always looking clean: Take … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday, a blog list of resolutions

This week's seven things is like a resolution list for my blog. Seven things I plan to improve, focus-on or achieve in 2016. Focus more on publishing good content. Upgrade my camera, and learn how to use it. Which will upgrade the quality of photos that I share. Run a full back-up more often. Just to be safe. Increase my social engagement. It's not just about the numbers. Get back to living … [Read more...]

Do you know an extraordinary man with a cat? #MenAndCatsContest

Purina Pro Plan is shredding perceptions of both traditional cat food and who typically loves cats by launching the Purina Pro Plan #MenAndCatsContest to celebrate the new Savor Shredded Blend. Purina Pro Plan is working to change the perception of dry cat food by introducing Savor Shredded Blend, an all-new mealtime experience that combines crunchy kibble and tender meaty shreds to … [Read more...]

Channel your inner Joe Cool & enter the #SnoopySpottingSweepstakes! #FandangoFamily #sweeps

Attention Snoopy fans! Do you love to take photos? Love to win cool prizes? Check out this fun new sweeps from Fandango Family. Channel your inner Joe Cool and enter Fandango's #SnoopySpottingSweepstakes. Snap a picture when you spot Snoopy on billboards, in-theater, shirts, shoes, or ANYWHERE and share it on social media like Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win. Just be sure to use … [Read more...]

Fun family memories with our Kayak Pool #PowerofThePool

Thinking back to my childhood there are some fun memories that really stand out. Having a Kayak pool in our yard is definitely one of them. Enjoyed by all of our friends and family, our house was the place to be. I don't know how my sister and I didn't grow gills, we swam so much. Our parents never had to worry about where we were, because we were always in our back yard. I have great … [Read more...]

Firefly Angry Birds Anti-Cavity Mouth Rinse

We do our best to make brush your teeth time fun around here! It goes something like - brush, brush, brush, and swish... The swish is an important step that we never miss. It’s not just about having fresh breath. A fluoride-containing mouth rinse, is a great way to protect tooth enamel, fight plaque, and help prevent gum disease. Knowing that, why not make it fun? So, it's game on with … [Read more...]

Welcome to the family LuLu

Please welcome our new grand-baby, Louise Fay. She's just the sweetest little darling. She is one lucky girl to be loved by so many! I can't wait to watch her relationship blossom and grow with her big sister, Becca. There is just something special about the bond between sisters. So forgive me if I've been running a little behind on emails and blogging lately. I'm slowly catching … [Read more...]

Just what in the world is Aioli? #EasyAioli #RedGoldRecipes

Isn’t it funny when you have never heard of something that all of a sudden it starts popping up everytime you turn around? That recently happened to me after having received the kit below from Red Gold. It contained sumptuous sounding varieties of their petite diced tomatoes, garlic & olive oil, zesty lime juice & cilantro, hot green chilies and just plain tomato, along with a tomato spreader, … [Read more...]

My favorite Instagrams from 2013

I love Instagram! Below is a list of ten favorites from 2013! Photo-bombed! Sighed by Elizabeth Gilbert Now that's a keeper! The fish and my Sweetness.. our granddaughter & Roxy watching cartoons. My family's reaction to me using technology during our camping trip. Puppies! Love when family members add to their pack. No more … [Read more...]

Delivery Man Red Carpet Premiere @ The Famous El Capitan Theatre #DeliveryManEvent

It was a star studded evening at the Delivery Man Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood at the El Capitan Theater, and I was there! (above Photos Courtesy of Dreamworks Pictures) Just like the film, the mood on the red carpet was upbeat and fun! It was nice to see the cast up close - smiling, giving interviews, and interacting with fans. It sure made for a great first time experience on … [Read more...]

Coca-Cola’s America Is Your Park Campaign #TakeItToThePark

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks and Coca-Cola. As much as I love watching movies, there is nothing like getting outside and active with my family. Having a park with-in walking distance of our house has really helped to create some fun memories with our girls. It doesn't matter how many times we gather up a few toys and walk to the park, it never seems to lose it's … [Read more...]

Make Your Backyard Party Central This Summer with Frito-Lay #Giveaway

Fire up the grill and grab the chips, summer is finally here! Nothing screams summer like a family barbecue. We recently kick started summer by enjoying an afternoon and evening outside with our girls. As always, we had a great time. Chips and dip, and smiles all around as dad. a.k.a. the grill master made the burgers. They were delicious as usual, and perfectly paired with homemade … [Read more...]

Fotor, Free Online Photo Editing Review

Being a mom, I take a lot of photos. I snap them, usually with my phone, and sometimes I even send them to our home computer. But, too often that's where they stop and sit. I look at them on the screen and ask "why", why have I not bought a newer camera? I know with some real editing most of my photos could be share worthy, even print worthy, but editing can be a tedious and time consuming task. … [Read more...]

Celebrate National Strawberry Shortcake Day with Driscoll’s Berries #Giveaway

June 14TH is National Strawberry Shortcake Day. That's my kind of holiday! One of my earliest memories is enjoying fresh strawberries right from my grandmother's garden. A love that has stayed with me through the years. In-fact whether it's fresh berries, dessert or jam, Strawberry seems to always be at the top of my list. History: Did You Know? The first recorded Strawberry Shortcake … [Read more...]

Cascade Platinum Review #MyPlatinum

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.” Now, more than ever, people eat with their eyes, and the evidence is all over sites like Facebook and Instagram. With that in mind, Top Chef judge and editor of Food+Wine magazine, Gail Simmons, has partnered … [Read more...]

Motor City Comic Con 2013

A few weeks ago I took my girls (+ one boyfriend) to the 24th Annual Motor City Comic Con. A three day event here in the Detroit area. This year the number of attendees was a record breaking 20,000, due mostly to a one day appearance of Marvel legend Stan Lee, and media guest Norman Reedus, of The Walking Dead, and The Boondock Saints fame. The massive crowd sure didn't stop us from having … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday

  1. Bought two items on eBay. 2. Spent an evening out with my thirteen year old daughter. Shopping, dinner and the hair salon. 3. Made plans with an old friend. 4. Drove my daughter and her friend to their eighth grade farewell dance. (next year HIGH SCHOOL! How'd that happen?) 5. Had dinner off the grill for the first time this season.Yum! 6. Went to Motor City Comic Con (total … [Read more...]

Remembering My Grandmother and Carrying On Tradition

My childhood had a storybook grandmother. She loved me to pieces, and always had a way of making me feel that her world revolved around me. Which to this day, I like to believe that it did. After all, I am her baby's baby. Not only was she kind, and fun like a storybook grandmother, she enjoyed to cook, and bake from scratch. You could walk into her kitchen and find a homemade pie on her table … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday, Spring Has Sprung

- Wordless Wednesday … [Read more...]

Canvas Memoirs Review, Discount & Giveaway

Once in a while I see a photo and it just moves me. Not always because it's a perfect photo, but because it brings back a great memory of that moment. Canvas Memoirs is a great service to help you save, cherish and celebrate those memories. Last summer I took my daughter's on a fun mother/ daughter road trip. One of the reasons it was so special to us, was that we spent our time exploring an … [Read more...]

Wreck It Ralph Blu-ray Viewing Party #Review

A video game villain wants to be a hero and sets out to fulfill his dream, but his quest brings havoc to the whole arcade where he lives. On March 5th, Disney's arcade-game-hoping adventure WRECK-IT RALPH will be released on 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack! The release features breakthrough bonus features that take viewers even deeper into the world of video games, with something for every player. … [Read more...]

7 Things on Sunday

Seven things I've done over the past seven days.   1. Sold an item on eBay. 2. Tried a new recipe and had it go terribly wrong. 3. Spent a nice evening with my granddaughter. 4. Attended a movie screening for Safe Haven 5. Spent a fun weekend in Sandusky, OH with my daughters. 6. Saw Identity Thief, and loved it. 7. Bought an item on eBay. … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday, Fun @GreatWolfLodge

Wordless Wednesday links. Read about our recent Magical Weekend @ Great Wolf Lodge here! … [Read more...]