7 Things on Sunday, a blog list of resolutions

This week's seven things is like a resolution list for my blog. Seven things I plan to improve, focus-on or achieve in 2016. Focus more on publishing good content. Upgrade my camera, and learn how to use it. Which will upgrade the quality of photos that I share. Run a full back-up more often. Just to be safe. Increase my social engagement. It's not just about the numbers. Get back to living … [Read more...]

Home Office Inspiration on Pinterest

Sometime before this year is over I'll be giving my home office a new look. Below are some Pinterest finds that inspire me. Source: bhg.com via Jennifer on Pinterest Source: urbanscarlet.com via Jennifer on Pinterest   I love the idea of a simple desk and a clean modern look with some personality on the walls. I don't see myself ever painting a wall black, but I promised … [Read more...]