Movie Night & Febreze Our #NoseBlind Test #Giveaway

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.


Did you know that most of us become “Noseblind” to odors in our own home? Basically, we’re so used to smelling them that our brain decides that they are no longer important, and eventually stops recognizing them all together. Kind of like living with a hound, like we do. She’s part of our family, and we love her. Even though I use a lot of products to try and keep our home smelling fresh – I’m sure our guests pick up on her odor much more than we do.


Our #NoseBlind test
Have you seen the humorous Febreze commercials featuring their NoseBlind challenges? I’ve seen a couple of them, and in all honesty have been pretty skeptical. This week I had the opportunity to take the test myself along with a couple of friends during a movie night.

A fun chick-flick (Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club), three bowls of smelly popcorn (Extra Butter, Movie theater butter, and White Cheddar) and of course two of my friends that are not noseblind to our home. We were ready to put the Febreze Meadows & Rain product line to the test!


I’m happy to share that the Febreze products came out on top! Passing the test! They not only rid of Roxy’s hound odor, which is a job in it’s self, but tackled new as they happened odor instantly, such as our popcorn. Not masking the odors, but eliminating, so there was no sign of them throughout the night. I’m really impressed! As were my friends.

Take your own Noseblind test. Then share your results with Febeze on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to use the #NoseBlind hashtag!

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One lucky Five Dollar Shake reader will win a Febreze Prize Package, plus a $60 American Express cash card!


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Kernel Season’s Seasoning Review & Giveaway #Kernelseasons #Shakeupyourflavor

It’s no secret that my family watches a lot of movies. It’s also no secret that movies often require snacks. Our family’s favorite is popcorn. Movies and popcorn pretty much come as a pair around here. Kind of like peanut butter and jelly. I just can’t imagine one without the other. Being a self proclaimed expert in both movies and snacks, I’m thrilled to have recently receive a variety of Kernel Season’s seasoning shakers to review here on my blog. I love the idea of kicking up our popcorn a notch by shaking on some flavor.


It all started back in 1999, when college student Brian Taylor was looking for a way to add some pop to his favorite snack, popcorn. In 2000, Brian teamed up with experienced flavor experts to perfect the recipes and began developing a seasoning line. In 2005, Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning started shaking up the flavor in grocery stores, movie theaters and millions of homes around the globe. Kernel Season’s is now the leader in the popcorn-seasoning category.


Popcorn lovers be prepared – Kernel Season’s seasoning is available in more than a dozen flavors, and with an 18 month shelf life, you have time to experience them all. This is one product my family has been more than happy to help me review. While our teenage daughter and I might not agree on the amount of seasoning to add to our popcorn (she adds way too much), we can agree that Kernel Season’s Caramel seasoning is the bomb! Though the geek in me does love some Bacon Cheddar – come on’ it’s bacon. On my popcorn – bacon! My husband is a fan of the Garlic Parmesan, and my niece chose the Ranch seasoning as her favorite. Also high on the list is the White Cheddar seasoning. In-fact it might just be our first empty shaker.

It’s been so much fun sharing Kernel Season’s Seasoning and asking for opinions. The only flavor photoed above that has not been loved is the Kettle Corn. I’m not sure what happened there, when all the rest are so darn good.

More than just on top of popcorn, Kernel Season’s Seasoning shakes up the flavor of so many other foods. So far I’ve tried Kernel Season’s Ranch seasoning on corn on the cob, Butter + Bacon Cheddar on baked potatoes and White Cheddar on fresh green beans. All were delicious. From pork chops to milk shakes you can find all kinds of fun recipes to try on the Kernel Season’s Recipe page. Also, don’t forget to check each shaker cap for a fun little flavor tip.


One lucky Five Dollar Shake reader will win a fun Kernel Season’s 8 Seasoning Gift Basket (includes 2 Microwave Popcorn Pks) to Shake up your flavor!


Enter to win by using the widget below. You’ll need a valid email address to enter. If you have any issue with the widget or would prefer to enter by email, please contact me at One winner will be chosen on August 8th and contacted by email. Winner must be 18+ and live in the US, not including Alaska or Hawaii.

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BubbleBum inflatable car booster seat review

With a new grand baby on the way (any day now), this grandma is not looking forward to lugging around two separate car seats when the kids come to visit. Just in-time to save me from breaking my back, I received the new BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat to review.


Meets all US safety testing standards. BubbleBum, the cost effective, portable, lightweight, brightly colored, inflatable car booster seat for children aged between 4-11, easily deflates and folds flat so that kids or mom and dad can carry it in a backpack or purse, making it perfect for vacations, rental cars, taxis, school pick up or car pooling. Takes less than 20 seconds to inflate by mouth!

As you can see the BubbleBum is so lightweight that Becca has no problems carrying it on her own, leaving my hands (and back) free to carry the new infant car seat, or whatever else we need to carry that day.


This product could not be easier to use. The well designed clips make it easy to strap Becca in place and keep her there in comfort. Unlike the previous booster seat that I had purchase and really struggled with.

Not just a car seat, Becca loves her BubbleBum, using it as a booster seat at our table and even a few times while sitting on the floor to watch television. It is pretty soft. I love that it’s so lightweight and easy to carry, she loves it’s fun colorful design, and the fact that it belongs to her. Knowing all of this, and knowing that it helps keep her safe while riding in the car makes the BubbleBum a real win in our house.


The BubbleBum is available in four fun colors, and comes complete with a carrying case, and added belt positioning clip for extra comfort. Winner of several child safety awards the BubbleBum is available in select retailers and online. Visit for complete product details, to order on-line or to use an easy store locator.

FTC Disclosure: Free product was received for the purpose of this blog post. All opinions expressed are honest and my own. This blog post contains one affiliate link.

Practice makes perfect, gaining momentum playing Mah Jongg

You’ll recall if you read my last blog My Mah Jongg experience continues that I’ve taken an interest in Mah Jongg and am in pursuit of getting better at playing it. I’ve put in many hours of practice on my own and I finally see it paying off.

I have been playing with several ladies at our local senior center. When only one lady showed up last week, I decided to try another local center. They advertised that they have open games only for experienced players. I was a little apprehensive referring to myself as an experienced player, but I figured that I was much more than a novice player now, so I decided to drop in.

fivedollarshake.net_Mah Jongg_blogpost_june

Those new ladies couldn’t have been nicer welcoming me to play with them, they wiped out all of my apprehensions about showing up not knowing how I would be received. All of my practice has payed off, the game is becoming more and more easy for me to maneuver through. Some of these new ladies remarked how well that I was doing when they learned that I had just started playing a few weeks ago. I am more aware of what tiles other players need to complete their hands, and I hang onto those tiles at all cost. This resulted in several “wall” games, those are games that no one completes any of the combinations on the maj jongg card. That is when you know everyone at the table is playing very well, just knowing what to hold in your hand to stop others is a skill in itself.

I returned the next week to play with the same new group of women. This time there were more to play, we actually had three tables. I am happy to say that I won two games this time, quite an accomplishment. I think that I surprised some of them, I know that I was very pleased.

I went to the old senior center today to play with the ladies, our first four games resulted in wall games, we are very fierce competitors now! With this group we anty up a quarter each initially, then 10 cents for each wall game. So, by our standards, that last pot was quite a big one, lol!

fivedollarshake.net_blogpost_june_Mah Jongg3

I just started reading another book by Elaine Sandberg who is the best-selling author of “A Beginner’s Guide to American Mah Jongg”. In her newest book, “Winning American Mah Jongg Strategies, A guide for the novice player”. Ms. Sandberg is actually a Maj Jongg instructor. Her mission in her newest publication states that it “offers novice players the advice they need to strategize, excel and win”.

I am so glad that I acquired this book, it really has helped me! The chapter entitled “Decisions, Decisions” was particularly helpful, letting me gain a better insight on how to choose what hand I would attempt to complete. The next time I played Maj Jongg I put what I had learned into play and became more comfortable about my prospects of completing the hand and winning. I’ve really started honing my strategy skills.

fivedollarshake.net_blogpost_June_Mah Jongg

Although I didn’t win on that next session, I did manage to win 3 of 6 games on the next, with two of those games being wall games, where no one won. I am becoming a better offensive and defensive player, knowing what to save, and what to hold, to prevent others from being able to complete their hand and win. As you can probably tell, I am very much enjoying my time playing the game with others, I am now playing it three times a week, I enjoy it so much!

I’ve only had a couple minor issues while playing, one recently where someone wanted a tile after I had already racked my drawn tile. By the rules, once a player has racked their tile, another player cannot call for the most recently discarded tile. That person immediately lamented that I hadn’t been racking earlier tiles, and now that I had, it had cost her the tile that she wanted. She made a couple more remarks, and I ignored her. If she had continued, I would have asked her why she hadn’t mentioned my misstep earlier in the game since she obviously had noticed it. Apparently she didn’t feel the need to say anything until it impacted her hand. I was very sure to rack, loudly, from then on. I really wasn’t aware that I wasn’t doing so earlier, and wish that someone had mentioned it so that it wouldn’t have become an issue.

fivedollarshake.net_blogpost_2_Mah Jongg_june

I’ve also had some good comments that have come my way, a lady today told me that she told her other group of maj jongg players how good a player that I’ve become in such a little time! I really hope that some of you will try to learn it and be able to enjoy playing it with others soon.

Hub Network’s “Littlest Pet Shop” returns for a third season #LittlestPetShop #hubclub


Littlest Pet Shop Returns to Hub Network for season three on May 31st! And, I know a couple of little fans that couldn’t be more excited about it!

The third season kicks off with the all-new episode “Sleeper,” where Vinnie and Sunil are challenged by Russell to entertain Mr. VonFuzzlebut, a jovial raccoon and new day camper, who falls into a deep sleep confusing the pets. Meanwhile, Fisher Bisket tries to figure out what the secret is to Littlest Pet Shop’s recent success.


I recently received an advanced copy of “Sleeper” the Littlest Pet Shop season three premiere to review, along with a fun package of Littlest Pet Shop toys. Already being a fan of the series I knew our granddaughter was going to be super excited. I had a lot of fun surprising her with these during her most recent visit. She played with the toys for hours, and hardly put them down all evening. We both enjoyed watching the premiere episode. It made for some really nice together time before bed. Becca was thrilled to see Blythe, and told me she is her favorite character, and that she is “oh, so cool”. Though, I can’t share any spoilers, I can tell you that all of the cute pets from the previous season are back and ready for plenty of new adventures. The show is just a whole lot fun.


Littlest Pet Shop follows Blythe Baxter and her father who live in a Downtown City apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop — an amazing day camp for pets of all kinds, including a doggie diva, dancing gecko and sweet, adorable panda. The series begins when Blythe discovers that she can miraculously understand and talk to the pets, which leads to fantastical adventures featuring uproarious song-and-dance parodies and sequences to original music. In its third season, Blythe and the few friends who know her secret utilize her unique ability to have fun with her furry friends, solve problems and lend a helping hand— or paw — to other humans and pets.

The series features key voice talent, including Ashleigh Ball, Tabitha St. Germain, Nicole Oliver and Peter New, who also portray characters in the Hub Network’s “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.” Composer Daniel Ingram, a Daytime Emmy® Award nominee for “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic,” also creates music for “Littlest Pet Shop.”


The popular animated series which is produced by Hasbro Studios airs on Saturdays at 9:30 at 9:30 AM EST/6:30 AM PST.

The Hub Network is a multi-platform joint venture between Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) and Hasbro Inc., (NASDAQ: HAS) that champions family fun by providing relatable, funny, family friendly entertainment experiences that children and their parents can enjoy together. The network extends its content through a robust and engaging online presence at

To find the channel in your area, please visit and check the channel locator at the top of the page.

Visit the Hub Network on Social Media:

Facebook at
Twitter @HubTVNetwork
Instagram @HubTVNetwork
YouTube at

FTC Disclosure: Free products were received as a thank you for being an Official Hub Club Blogger. I was not asked or influenced to write a positive blog post. All opinions expressed and photos used are honest and my own.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Series on The HubNetwork

I love that My Little Pony is just as popular as ever! Watching my girls enjoy such cute characters, that I played with as a child just warms my heart. Our granddaughter plays with the toys, enjoys My Little Pony books, and loves to watch the television series.

The HubNetwork’s animated series, “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic,” from Hasbro Studios, will be airing its fourth season finale this Saturday, May 10th, with two all-new, back-to-back episodes, “Twilight’s Kingdom – Part 1” and “Twilight’s Kingdom – Part 2,” starting at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT on the Hub Network!


Because her grandma happens to be an Official Hub Club Blogger, our granddaughter Becca was thrilled to receive an advanced copy of the two-part “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic,” season finale, along with a super fun surprise from The Hub Network.


The two part season finale, is a whole lot of fun! I’m not able to give-away any spoilers, but if you and your little ones enjoy the series, you’re going to really enjoy the finale. I’m also very happy to share that The Hub Network has renewed “My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic” for a Fifth Season! Yay!

After watching the finale, and enjoying a fun My Little Pony themed afternoon, we had the pleasure of a complimentary visit to our local Build-A-Bear store, where Becca was able to chose, stuff and bring to life her very own My Little Pony.


Build-A-Bear has everything a My Little Pony fan could want. Several of the popular ponies to chose from, and a whole selection of My Little Pony themed clothes and accessories. We had a great time during our visit, and Becca is loving having her own My Little Pony.

Watch for my full blog post on our visit to Build-A-Bear, coming soon.


Don’t miss The Hub Network’s animated series, “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic,” season finale, “Twilight’s Kingdom – Part 1” and “Twilight’s Kingdom – Part 2,” Airing this Saturday, May 10th, starting at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT on the Hub Network!

FTC Disclosure: Free products were received as a thank you for being an Official Hub Club Blogger. I was not asked or influenced to write a positive blog post. All opinions expressed and photos used are honest and my own.